an innovative approach to fitness
that combines
Yoga and Strength Training!
Carolyn Jackson - Medical Transcriptionist

"As a yoga student I found the video Strong Bones Yoga very easy to follow. It is paced well, each segment flows perfectly into the next segment. The adaptations were very helpful as I was learning. I felt very accepted that this practice was just for me.”

Peggy Boyle - Registered Yoga Teacher

“Strong Bones Yoga Video is superb! The practice is beautifully and expertly designed. Chris’ delivery is clear and soothing; and the adaptations make Strong Bones Yoga accessible to students of all levels of fitness.”

Zia Gipson – Marketing Representative

“Strong Bones Yoga was my first introduction to yoga and now yoga is part of my life. It's just the right combination of movement and exercise for me--gentle enough for those days when I am feeling cranky but strong enough to offer real benefits--for my peace of mind, flexibility and overall strength. I recommend it to anyone, novice or experienced. In fact, the videotape has become my favorite gift for friends and family.”

Susan Humphreys – Airline Employee

“A very professional video to soothe the mind, body and spirit---- I take it on all my trips around the world!”

Leslie Hale – Advertising Executive

“Strong bones yoga has been great for me because it is easy to customize the practice to accommodate for physical limitations. I have a chronic neck injury and through Strong Bones Yoga I have increase my agility, range of motion and overall strength. At the same time its calming effect is a perfect antidote to stress.”

Kimberly Rudolph – Yoga Teacher

“Chris has really achieved an incredible concept combining weights while keeping the viewer focused internally and on the breath. She has a soothing voice that is easy to follow.”